Frequently Asked Questions

One of my tasks failed.  What should I do?

The first thing you can do is check the Logs for this failure. Mesa will provide some details on why this failure occurred and you can use this information to adjust the Workflow or payload, and then replay the task. For information on how to replay the task, see the next question in this FAQ.

How can I replay failed tasks?

From the Activity tab in Mesa, click on the failed task in the list.

Then, click on Replay Task.

Can I map trigger data to a later step in my workflow?

Certainly! Just make sure to reference that trigger data Token in the later step. 

Does Mesa auto-save Workflows?

Mesa does not auto-save workflows at this time. All edits must be saved manually. 

I am using a service that is not mentioned on your website. Can I connect with it? 

If the service you are using has a publicly-available HTTP(S) endpoint, you can use our HTTP connector.  

If the desired service requires OAuth connection, then an out-of-the box solution does not exists at this time. If this is the case, don't give up yet! We may be able to custom build a solution for you. You can send our team an email mentioning the desired service connection at

How should I test my Workflows? 

To test your workflow, click on the Workflow. Then click the Test button to the right of the workflow's title.

You can test the Workflow by using an example payload, a custom payload, or a previous payload (you can adjust these payloads to your desire). If there are many conditions in your workflows, we suggest using past payloads. This way, the data will more likely fulfill those conditions. If you simply are trying to trigger the Workflow, the example payload will work.

How much does Mesa cost?

For details on Mesa pricing, please refer to our pricing plans page for Mesa here:

Why is my Workflow action adding the same data each time it occurs?

If you find that your Workflow is sending through the same data every time it runs, rather than new data from the Trigger event, it could mean that you've written values in your actions. To prevent this and have your workflow dynamically update each time, you will need to set up your action to use Tokens (dynamic values) from the trigger data.