Get Started with MESA

Welcome to MESA!

MESA allows you to create workflows. These workflows turn repeatable tasks into automations that run in the cloud. They can automate marketing, service, sales, and all of the other processes that drive your online store.

MESA works within your Shopify store to synchronize data, integrate third-party applications, connect external systems, send notifications, and more. MESA's purpose is to get more work done in less time.

Check out these different pages of the MESA app to learn what features they have to offer.


After installing MESA on your Shopify store, you will be taken to the Dashboard page and are provided two options to being your automation journey! You can browse through our library of pre-made templates or build your first workflow. The following graphs will appear after you have created workflows and enabled them.

Automations Graph

Displays the total number of automation within the past 7 days. You can hover over the line graph to see how much automation ran each day.

Usage per Billing Period Graph

Displays the total number of automations ran per billing period.

There is helpful information that displays your plan and automation usage.

You also have the ability to reach out to our Customer Success team or schedule a live session if you have any questions or need any assistance!


You can search for a template that you desire by using the search bar. See one that interests you? Click on the template name to view more details and proceed with installing the template.

You can use the handy filter tags on the left sidebar to narrow down your searches.


On the Automate page, you will find a list of all your installed workflow templates.

Click on the title of the template and you will be directed to the Workflow Builder. From here, you can adjust the actions, change the title and the workflow's description, turn on the workflow and its logging, and add more actions.

This is what the Send a Slack message when a Shopify order is paid workflow looks like.

Let's imagine that you wanted to customize this template. You want to add a condition into this workflow requiring that the order is over $100.

To add this condition, I would add another action. In this case, a Filter by MESA action in between our current actions. Click the + Add Step button in between these actions, and find the Filter step. Once you have added the Filter step, configure it so that the Order Paid > Total Price variable is greater than 100.

Now this workflow is coming together. To finish it up, follow the instructions to create a Slack credential. In this case, this is needed for MESA to connect with Slack. Lastly, adjust the message your team will receive to your Slack channel.

When this workflow is ready for its debut, save your changes and then turn on the workflow! You can click on the Save button and On/Off toggle at the top of the workflow.

Create New Workflow

If you are not seeing what you are looking for, you can create a template from scratch. Click on the Create New Workflow button.

You will be directed to our Workflow Builder. Follow the panels to start building out your workflow. At the top, you will be prompted with a blue banner asking if you'd like to take a tour of MESA's workflow builder.

Start by clicking to select an app to trigger your workflow. Then add a subsequent action(s).

After adding the trigger and actions, the workflow's steps will look like this.

At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes. You will be prompted to add a name for your template and email address(es) to receive alerts for this workflow.

Hit the toggle to switch it to On when you are ready to start using the workflow.

🗒 Note: You can check out this article for best practices to follow when creating workflows.

Workflow Features


If your workflow contains the Approvals app, your workflow will contain an Approvals page. The Approvals page will show pending, accepted, and rejected approval requests from our built-in Approvals app.

To learn more about the Approvals app, check out the Approvals by MESA article.



Enabling the Logging setting on the workflow will help you monitor the actions of the workflow as it executes. When enabled, your Logs will show more granular details on each action.

Enabling the Logging debug mode will add even more detailed information in your Logs. This is recommended only when you are troubleshooting your workflow.


Enabling Notifications will send an email to the specified email address when a workflow fails. Failure can occur for multiple reasons. Check out this article for more information about failed automations.


The Duplicate action lets you duplicate the current workflow.

The Export action lets you export and import the workflow between multiple Shopify stores that have MESA installed. Learn more.

The Delete action lets you delete the workflow from your MESA app. You cannot undo this change once confirmed.


The Activity page is a chronological list of automations that MESA has taken on your behalf. Every step is displayed under a task. You can view the status of each workflow and the steps of each task. Learn more.


Logs allow you to search for past actions for a specific task or to view an entire chain of actions for a specific task. By default, only errors will be logged for all workflows. Additional logging can be enabled on each workflow in the Settings page.

Logging helps troubleshoot errors in your past tasks on a more granular level. Learn more.


A pre-made template comes with helpful documentation that you will see once you install the template. If you ever need to reference the helpful documentation, this can be found in the Help page.


View your plan information on the Account page. You can adjust your MESA price plan accordingly.


Shows how many automations have been used. An automation is a single run of a workflow.

Premium App Usage

Displays the amount of premium app tasks used. Premium apps include Email by MESA, SMS by MESA, and Image by MESA.

Your Plan

You will see important plan details in this section.

🗒 Note: If you see that your store needs to upgrade or change plans, please reach out to our Customer Success team with our email.


Hop into the settings of the MESA dashboard by clicking on Settings in the menu under your account name.

Data by MESA

Data by MESA lets you store data directly in MESA. You can trigger workflows when the data is updated and view the data from the Settings page. You can even connect directly or integrate with business intelligence services. Learn more.


Enabling Notifications for all enabled workflows will send an email to the specified email address when a workflow fails. Failure can occur for multiple reasons. Check out this article for more information about failed automations.


Credentials let you quickly and securely store your login information for use within workflows. When building a workflow with MESA's integrations, you will be prompted to create a credential. Credentials also contain MESA's Admin API. Learn more.


Looking for support? For assistance, you can check out the Help page in the menu under your account name.

From here, you will find links to helpful documentation and how to contact our Customer Success team.

Now you are ready to start creating workflows! *High Five* 🙌 🚀