Email by MESA

The Email by MESA app allows you to send an email after a step has occurred within a workflow. You can customize the email by using Tokens.

🗒 Note: Email by MESA is a premium app. Premium apps are double the fun, double the automation. When a workflow with a Premium app runs a single automation, MESA counts it as two automations. Learn more

The example above, from our Send an email when an Uploadery order is created template, will send an email to after an order with a file uploaded with Uploadery has been created.

Use commas in the Recipient field to specify multiple recipients. If HTML code is detected in the Message field, a formatted email will be sent. If no HTML tags are detected in your Message, a plain text email will be sent.

Additional options can be found under the Advanced Options. Details include:

  • From: By default, emails will be from your store's email address set in Shopify, and the from name will be your store's name. You can override the email address here. The from name will include "via" in some email clients. This field supports a plain email address or a display name and email address wrapped in angled brackets, for example: "John Smith <>".
  • CC: the "carbon copy" email address. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses.
  • BCC: the "blind carbon copy" email address. These recipients' email addresses will not be visible to the primary or CC recipients. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses.
  • Test email address: Override the Recipient email address when running a test of this workflow so you can ensure that all of your tokens are working properly. The email Subject and Body will also appear in the Logs if logging is enabled.


  • The built-in Email app does not allow you to add custom SPF or DKIM records to your domain name's DNS record, which helps improve email deliverability.
  • File attachments can not be added to this step.