Virtual Output by MESA

The Virtual Output by MESA app acts like a queue which allows you to process Triggers and workflows into it and then will resume based on a time interval at the end of a workflow. Depending on the repeat schedule, the virtual output will run again since its previous session.

You can think of the Virtual Output as a fishing net with a timer. The fishing net is left alone to catch fish (in this case, triggers and workflows) and every time the timer goes off, you collect all of the fish in the fishing net since the last time you put it out (in this case, MESA runs all the collected Triggers and workflows). Then, repeat!

The Virtual Output has 7 time options.

The example below is from our Schedule a daily export of orders into Google Sheets template. After an order is created, MESA will map the data values accordingly and collect all the orders into the Virtual Output. Once the Virtual Output runs, MESA will create a Google Sheets spreadsheet with all of the orders from the day.