Webhooks by MESA

The Webhook by MESA app allows you to trigger a MESA workflow from a third-party service. It can similarly be thought of like a notification. It lets a third-party service start a workflow in MESA when something happens in your third-party service.

With Webhook by MESA, you can create a chain reaction of events that allows you to focus more on your store than work on repetitive tasks.

In the following sections, you will go over important topics regarding our Webhook by MESA app.

Set up a Webhook trigger

When creating a new workflow, you can select the Webhook by MESA app as the trigger.

Add a webhook URL to your app that you want to connect with

Hit the Copy button to copy the link from the Webhook URL field and add it to your app in order for MESA to receive notifications from your third-party application.

Send data to a webhook

After adding the Webhook URL to your app, data coming from your third-party application is sent to MESA's Webhook trigger in the form of a JSON payload.

Test your webhook

You will want to test your Webhook trigger by sending a notification from your third-party application.

To check the payload coming from your third-party application, click on the Activity tab of your workflow in the MESA dashboard. Then expand the recent run of your workflow, click the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the Webhook text, and then click Payload.

On subsequent steps, you can create variables that reference the data that is received in the Webhook trigger. For example, you can use the variable: {{webhook.team_domain}}

Limitations with the webhook

You are unable to send data back to the request. MESA can only receive data coming from the third-party application.

Variables will not be selectable from the Webhook trigger from the Variables menu on subsequent steps. You will need to manually create the variables following the format: {{webhook.team_domain}}

Examples / use cases using a webhook

Webhook by MESA provides the ability to integrate or provide additional capabilities with third-party applications that are currently not supported in MESA. For example, you can trigger a workflow using a Slack command.

After creating an app in Slack and adding a command, you can add the Webhook URL from your MESA workflow to the settings of your Slack command.

When messaging on Slack, you can type in the command and hit Enter in order to trigger the workflow in MESA.