View status of Actions on Activity

The Activity tab is a chronological list of tasks that MESA has taken on your behalf. You can view the status of each task and the steps underneath the task by clicking on the > icon next to the dates. This can be located within each of your workflows.


This section will go over some features offered in this tab.

Status Filter

A task's status is separated into five categories:

  • Ready: An automation is waiting in the queue to run
  • Error: An automation was not completed successfully
  • Completed: An automation was completed successfully
  • Replayed: An automation was selected to run again
  • Skipped: An automation was skipped because the workflow was disabled or you have reach the maximum number of automations ran. 

You can also sort for each specific status.

Date Filter

Allows you search for past and current tasks within a range of dates.

Refresh Icon

Allows you to automatically refresh the Activity Tab to see the most recent tasks. 

Replay Action

Replaying a task will copy the workflow's configuration and data into a new task that immediately runs. This is helpful if there was an issue with your Trigger/Action configuration, script logic, third-party API, or if there was a minor issue with your data. 

FTP Inputs will require that the original file is copied back to the original location on the FTP server (as listed in the  source field).

Payload Action

This displays the data that was sent to the specific step when it ran. You can view what data was sent into each step and out of it. 

Logs Action

This takes you to the Logs tab with the display preset so you are only viewing logs related to the execution of this specific step.


We don't currently have a feature that you can manually enforce to stop Activity tasks that are processing. However, our engineering team is able to bulk delete any tasks that are stuck in a Ready state if you ever need that done at any particular time.