MESA Support Offerings

Learn more about the MESA support options and workflow setup available.

General support

Our friendly, knowledgeable MESA support team is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST via email and chat to help you with your MESA questions and inquiries. Available on all MESA plans.

Direct access to your dedicated CSM

Work closely with your dedicated customer success manager for help with simple to sophisticated workflows, from start to ongoing support.  Available on the Unlimited plan.

  • Personalized setup and ongoing support with a dedicated CSM
  • Brainstorm new workflow ideas
  • Ongoing workflow assessments and tune-ups

Expert Workflow Setup

Let MESA's team of expert automators turn your idea into a workflow! Our Expert Workflow Setup follows our 3-step process for automation success: 
1. Once you submit your request, our team will get to work creating a new MESA workflow using the instructions that you've provided.
2. After about one business day your workflow will be ready and our team will send you an email with directions to view, test, and turn on your new workflow. 
3. We'll also create a custom video that walks you through the steps of your new workflow in simple, easy to understand language, so you can make adjustments and automate with confidence.

Expert Workflow Setup F.A.Q.

How long will it take?
The process of building the workflow will begin within one business day of receiving your request. The actual amount of time from submission to workflow delivery will vary depending on the complexity of your request. Typically, this takes about one business day. 
How many workflows are included in the Expert Workflow Setup?
Each workflow requires a one-time payment of $20.
Can I request a workflow using an app that MESA doesn't already integrate with? 
No, our Expert Workflow Setup only supports the 100+ apps that MESA is currently integrated with, and is unable to create new integrations.
What if my workflow needs a bigger MESA plan?
Before proceeding, our team will advise you if a MESA plan upgrade is necessary to support the workflow instructions provided.
What if I'm unhappy with the workflow?
While we're pretty sure you'll love our Expert Workflow Setup, we offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.
Are there any limitations?
The Expert Workflow Setup connects busy professionals with MESA's automation experts at a low, flat-rate price. In order to provide this service, there are several necessary restrictions:
  • Scope: We will create a workflow with the instructions provided at the time you requested the Expert Workflow Setup. We are unable to incorporate instructions provided in any other form (digital files, web links, email, phone calls, etc).
  • Revisions: We cannot accommodate changes to the instructions after you've submitted an Expert Workflow Setup request.
  • Complexity: Some apps, like Code by MESA, Salesforce, and Odoo, are beyond the scope of our Expert Workflow Setup.
  • Duration: There is a maximum of two hours to develop a workflow. While it is very rare for us to exceed this duration, we will promptly notify you and refund your fee if your workflow cannot be built within this limit.
  • Third-parties: Our automation experts know MESA inside-and-out, but may not be knowledgeable about other apps in your requested workflow. We will rely on the instructions you provide to dictate how the workflow should be configured and cannot login to 3rd party applications on your behalf for any reason.
  • Ongoing Updates: After we have confirmed your workflow works and delivered it to you, the Expert Workflow Setup service will be complete. While we are unable to edit your workflow afterwards, we will provide you with a video walkthrough of your workflow so you can make updates on your own.