Send a Shopify customer to a Salesforce contact

🔧 Setup is needed:
🔌 Connect with Salesforce
✅ Save and enable your workflow to start automating!

This template will send your customers from Shopify to Salesforce Contact as soon as the customer is created. 

Let’s get started 🚀

Follow the steps below to set up this workflow.

1. In the Salesforce Create Contact step, select your previously created Salesforce credential or create a credential connecting MESA to your Salesforce account. Fill out the following fields:

2. Continue reading if you're unsure how to fill out these fields.

Note: If you are connecting to a Salesforce sandbox, you should replace with for the two URLs above.

3. Not sure how to fill in the Client ID and Client Secret? Log in to your Salesforce account, then click on the gear icon in the top right corner to go to Setup.

4. In the left hand menu, navigate to Apps and then App Manager.

5. Then click on New Connected App button.

6. Enter Mesa Connected App under the Connected App Name. The API Name field will then auto-populate.

7. Enter a valid email for Contact Email.

8. Ensure Enable OAuth Settings is checked. Enter this URL for Callback URL.

9. Then select all items under Available OAuth Scopes and hit the right arrow under Add to move all of them to Selected OAuth Scopes.

10. Do not alter any other fields, then hit the Save button at the top.

Note: After saving, you may then see a warning that changes can take up to 10 minutes to take effect.

11. After saving, copy the values for Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

12. Go back to the workflow and paste the value for Consumer Key into the Client ID field, and the value for Consumer Secret into Client Secret.

13. Click the Authenticate with Salesforce button. You may be asked to login to your Salesforce account. Once logged on, you will get a prompt asking for access. Hit Allow.

14. You will be taken back to your workflow with a new Salesforce credential created.

15. At the top of or below the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

16. Hit the toggle to switch it to On when you are ready to start using the workflow.

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