Get Started with the MESA Builder

Welcome to the MESA builder!

Here you can click and connect your favorite apps to create custom workflows that are as specific and special as your business. 

Let's get started 🚀

1. You will first need to select a Trigger. This is the starting point of the workflow. 

A common trigger used is when a Shopify Order is created. Within the Shopify app, choose Order Created.

2. Next, you will want to select the Action(s) that runs after a trigger fires. These can involve manipulating the workflow or completing the workflow. You can string many actions together in a single workflow template.

3. Some actions selected may have required fields that need to be configured. These fields are identified with a red asterisk.

To configure these fields, you will want to select a variable. Variables are representations of data. When a workflow runs, variables are replaced with real data. Learn more about Variables.

To insert a variable, click on the {+} button next to the field. This will open up the variable sidebar menu. Here, you can view all of the variables that are available from previous steps in your workflow.

Select the variable that represents the data that you would like captured in that field. In this example, select the recommended variable Order Created > ID.

4. Once you are done with adding Actions, remember to save your changes by clicking the Save button at the end of the Actions. Another Save button is located at the top of the builder next to your workflow's title.

5. To test a workflow, you can click the Test button at the end of the Actions or at the top of the builder.

A Test workflow menu will appear on the right-hand side with plenty of features to play with.

Test a workflow with recent data

You can see your store's recent data for your workflow if they are available under the Recent Data title.

After choosing a recent data selection, MESA will display all the information that relates to the data. 

You can click on the Start Test button in the bottom-right corner if you do NOT wish to modify the data that MESA processes. MESA will run the workflow as if the workflow was enabled. Therefore, make sure you are comfortable with the output of the test. 

Learn more about testing if you'd like to explore additional testing options and troubleshooting how-tos.

6. Hit the toggle to switch it to  On when you are ready to start using the workflow 🎉

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👋  Still have questions or would like someone from our support team to review your workflow? We got you. Email us at where actual humans are ready to help.