Connecting Etsy with Mesa

When you're setting up your first workflow with Etsy, you'll need to create a credential through Mesa. Click on  Authenticate with Etsy to start the process and makes sure to click on Allow Access on the prompt from Etsy.

Afterwards, your credential will be selected!


Locating the Shipping Template ID

You will need to locate the Shipping Template ID in order to use Mesa's existing template: Add Listing on Etsy When New Product in Shopify Is Created. Follow the following directions to locate the Shipping Template ID:

1. Login into your Etsy account

2. Navigate to the your shop's dashboard and locate Settings

3. Click on Shipping Settings which appears afterwards.

4. Once you find your preferred Shipping profile, click on the number in the Active listings column. 

5. Then, copy the numeric part of your browser's URL. The numbers are your Shipping Template ID. Ex: 131048947813

6. Paste the copied value into your workflow's Etsy Create Listing Action's Shipping Template ID field.