Google Drive

Connecting Google Drive with Mesa

When you're setting up your first workflow with Google Drive, you'll need to create a credential through Mesa's Google App or your own custom Google App. Click on  Authenticate with Google to finish the process. 

Afterwards, your credential will be selected!


  • File url: The url of the file that will be uploaded to your Google Drive account. Plain text should be not inputted. 
  • File name: This field currently only accepts {{filename}}. Tokens are currently not supported at this time.
  • Folder ID: You can locate the folder ID from this URL, where the {{FOLDER_ID}} should be:{{FOLDER_ID}}. Example: 1O94BvZNUhyKQ8X6CvLUbotWNFVWol_Gh

The following screenshot is from Mesa's Send Uploadery File to Google Drive template.