Connect ShipStation with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with ShipStation, you'll need to add your Key and Secret so that ShipStation is a connected app within MESA.

To locate the Key and Secret, you can click on Settings (gear icon), on the top right hand corner in the ShipStation dashboard.

Then, click on Account and then API Settings. You will locate your existing API Key there or you can click to generate an API Key.

Copy the value next to API Key and paste it into the Key field in MESA.

Copy the value next to API Secret and paste it into the Secret field in MESA. 

Lastly, click on Add Credential and then you are all set!


Select the Store ID field

For some ShipStation actions in MESA, including Create or Update OrderCreate Label for Order and Create Label for Shipment, you will need to fill in the Store ID field. This ensures that the order / label is assigned to a specific Shopify store configured in your ShipStation account. 

First, please ensure that you have connected ShipStation with MESA. Then, scroll to the Advanced Options section and click on it. Click on the Store ID field and select a Store. Make sure to save your changes!

I don't see my ShipStation workflow activating when I update something in ShipStation?

MESA workflows that contain ShipStation Triggers (such as Order Shipped) will run on a polling system. Meaning, on every hour or whatever the selected frequency is selected in your MESA workflow, MESA will look for any recent activity in ShipStation. As a result, you may not see immediate activity in your MESA workflow until the frequency hits. 

In ShipStation triggers, you can find the polling system under the  Advanced Options. You can keep the default frequency or adjust it.

Once the frequency hits, MESA will process every single task that has accrued within the previous timeframe.

🗒 Note: Please note that available frequencies will differ depending on your MESA billing plan.