Connect Gorgias with MESA

When you're setting up your first workflow with Gorgias, you'll need to add your Domain, Username, and Password so that Gorgias is a connected app within MESA.

Domain: The domain of your Gorgias dashboard. Example: https://mesa-test.gorgias.com

Username: The username that is used to login into your User account in Gorgias

Password: The API key assigned to your User account in Gorgias. Do not use your account password. From your Gorgias account, head to Settings, then REST API. Click Copy next to the values under Password (API Key).

Once everything is entered, click on Add Credential to connect Mesa with Gorgias!


Locate Assignee User ID

With Mesa's Gorgias Create Ticket action, there is a field for an Assignee User ID. This lets you automatically send every newly created Gorgias ticket to a specific user on your team.

You can locate a user's ID by going to Users in your Gorgias dashboard, under Users & Teams. Then, select the user and copy the numeric values in the URL. Paste the copied values into the Assignee User ID field.

I don't see my Gorgias workflow activating when I update something in Gorgias?

MESA workflows that contain Gorgias Triggers (such as Customer Created) will run on a polling system. Meaning, on every hour or whatever the selected frequency is selected in your MESA workflow, MESA will look for any recent activity in Gorgias. As a result, you may not see immediate activity in your MESA workflow until the frequency hits.

In Gorgias triggers, you can find the polling system under the Advanced Options. You can keep the default frequency or adjust it.

Once the frequency hits, MESA will process every single task that has accrued within the previous timeframe.

🗒 Note: Please note that available frequencies will differ depending on your MESA billing plan.