Connecting Discord with Mesa

When you're setting up your first workflow with Discord, you will need to create an application and a Bot on Discord before you can enable your workflow. 

Login into Discord, and go the Applications page.

Click on New Application.

Add the Name of your application and click Create.

Click on OAuth2, click on Add Redirect, add https://app.getmesa.com/apps/mesa/oauth/redirect-token as the Redirect, and Save your changes.

Click on Bot and click on Add Bot.

Enable Requires OAuth2 Code Grant, Privileged Gateway Intents, Presence Intent, and Server Members Intent. Optionally, you could disable Public Bot and save changes.

Click on Copy button to copy the Bot's token.

Paste the Token into the Bot Token field in Mesa.

From the OAuth2 Page, click on Copy next to the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Paste these values in the Client ID and Client Secret fields into Mesa. Then, click on Authenticate with Discord.


How to create a Discord Server

Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID?

View this Discord document to learn more.