• Connecting PostcardMania with Mesa
  • Configuring
  • Connecting PostcardMania with Mesa

    When you're setting up your first workflow with PostcardMania, you'll need to add your PostcardMania credentials in order to connect Mesa with PostcardMania.

    In order to find your API Key, you can login to the myPostcardMania customer portal. Under  Account, click Account Details. Then, click the API Settings tab and you will find your API Key.


    In order for Mesa to work with PostcardMania, you will need to specify the postcard and the postcard variables that you want to use. Your postcards and their respective design variables can be found in your PostcardMania account.  Most postcards also include a company logo. If your postcard requires this design variable, you can supply an image URL that points to your store's logo.

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