Connecting Klaviyo with Mesa

When you're setting up your first workflow with Klaviyo, you'll need to add your API key so that Klaviyo is a connected app within Mesa.

You can find the API key under your Klaviyo Account > Settings > API Keys. Ensure you copy the value for Public API Key.


Subscribe to List Action

Description: Add a customer to a Klaviyo List

Configuration Fields

List ID: You will be able to select an existing Klaviyo List that Mesa populates with:

Email Address: The customer's email address. You can utilize Mesa's Tokens feature to find the right Token for the customer's email address. 

Data Mapping: This lets you map out data and send that data to Klaviyo. You can send any data. Here is an example from an existing template: Add a Shopify Customer to a Klaviyo Email List When They Are Tagged With "Backorder"

Settings for a Klaviyo List

When creating an email list in Klaviyo, the email list should be set to: Single Opt-In

A workflow may not work when the email list is currently set to Double opt-in. Double Opt-In means you would need to confirm your subscription before being added to the list. 

Create Track Event Action

Description: Add a Track Event on a customer profile in Klaviyo. You can use Klaviyo Flows to interact with those Track Events.

Configuration Fields

Event: Fill out your preferred name of the Event that will be seen under a Profile. 

Email address: The customer's email address.

Data Mapping: Allows you to send more information under the Track Event. Here is an example that uses Tokens

Potential Use Cases with Klaviyo

Integrating with Tracktor: Send a review email from Klaviyo once an order has been delivered

To send a review email after an order is delivered, you will need to create a Track Event in Klaviyo.

1. From the My Workflows tab, click on Create New Workflow to start a new workflow. 

2. Select Tracktor as the Trigger of the workflow. Then, find the Trigger title: Order Delivered.

3. Click on the Add Step button below Tracktor Order Delivered Step and then select Klaviyo. Find the Action title: Track event Create. Your workflow should look like this so far:

4. Click on the > icon to open up the Klaviyo Step. Select or create your Klaviyo Credential if you have not done so already.

5. Configuration Fields - Event: Fill out your preferred name of the Event that will be seen under a Profile. 

6.  Configuration Fields - Email address: If you want to add the customer's email address, you can copy and paste this into the field: {{tracktor_order.order_email}}. 

7. If you wanted to send more information under the Track Event, you can use Mapping. Here is an example that uses Tokens

8. Create a Flow in Klaviyo based off the Track Event that gets created. If you do not create a Flow in Klaviyo, a review email won't be sent out. 

9. Enable the workflow and complete some of the best practices for Mesa

Creating a Flow in Klaviyo for your Mesa workflow

Mesa allows Shopify merchants keep track of Shopify related events and add those events in Klaviyo. In most cases, you may want to use those events to trigger some action in Klaviyo. Klaviyo allows you to create Flows so that you can connect Mesa and Klaviyo together. If you are not familiar with Flow, you can click here to learn more.

If you are using Mesa's Track Event Action, you will find your customized Track Event under Metric when creating a Flow in Klaviyo. 
First ensure you have set a value for the  Event field in the Mesa workflow. The Track Event may not appear until the Mesa workflow has ran once, so it is recommended to test the Mesa workflow first. 
Then in Klaviyo, create the flow, then under Trigger Setup, click Metric, then scroll down to find your customized Track Event.