Create Workflows with Mesa

There are two main ways to create workflows on the Mesa dashboard. This article will go over each way in detail.

Start with a template

An easy way to create workflows with Mesa is to start off with one of our many pre-built templates.

In the search bar on the Mesa dashboard, type some text to find related templates. 

For example, typing in VIP will show the template Tag Customers With "VIP" After They Spend $500 or More. Clicking on the template's title will reveal more information. Continue along till you have installed the template to your Mesa dashboard.

Templates such as this one will be enabled automatically if setup is not required. You can see the This workflow is enabled text on the left of the Save button. Clicking on the Disable button will allow you to disable the workflow.

Some templates will require setup before enabling the workflow. The setup instructions will appear at the top of the workflow. Click the Continue Reading button and follow these steps before enabling the workflow.

Customize a template

You can make adjustments to any of our pre-built templates to suit the business of your store. Using the template Tag Customers With "VIP" After They Spend $500 or More, you want to tag VIP customers after they spend $300 instead of $500.

On the Filter action of the template, you can adjust to is greater than 499.99 to is greater than 299.99.

Adjust the title of your template to match your adjustment. Save your changes by clicking the Save button next to the template's title.

Build your own template

You can start building your own templates by clicking the Create New Workflow button on the dashboard.

You will be directed to our Workflow Builder. You will first need to select a Trigger. They are the starting point of the workflow. 

A common trigger used is when a Shopify order is created. Within the Shopify app, choose Order Created.

Next, you will want to select the Actions that run after a trigger fires. These can involve manipulating the workflow or completing the workflow. You can string many actions together in a single workflow template.

Once you are done with adding Actions, remember to save your changes by clicking the Save button next to the template's title.


Mesa integrates with an assortment of apps that can be seen when using the Workflow Builder. Clicking on each app will provide a list of triggers or actions you can do with that service.

Custom Code by Mesa

If Mesa does not currently offer an integration with your third party service, you can use Custom Code by Mesa to integrate third party services that it does not already integrate with. 

You can click on the {/} Edit Code button to add your Javascript code. You can add complex logic to a workflow that might otherwise be difficult with the Mesa building blocks.

For technical documentation related to Custom Code, you can click here for more information.