Best Practices with MESA

Once you create your desired workflows, there are a few best practices that would be beneficial to follow.

  • Adjust the title and description
  • Adjust the title of each step
  • Test the workflow
  • Enable Logging
  • Enable Failure Notifications
  • Utilize the Time Saved Feature
  • Enable the workflow
  • Adjust the title and description

    Context can be crucial if other members of your team are looking at workflows. The following title does not give many contexts to the function of the workflow. 

    You can click the Pencil icon to the right of the title to make changes.

    This is a much better title!

    You can adjust the description in the Settings tab of your workflow. Look for the Workflow Details section and add text under the Description field.

    Adjust the title of each step

    Adjusting the title of each step will make more clear the need and purpose of each step. This workflow is unclear without digging into the details of each step.

    You can edit the step's name by clicking on the Pencil icon next to the title.

    Test the workflow

    Testing the workflow is crucial before enabling it. Testing will give you confidence that the workflow will work as desired. Here are some instructions on how to test: Test a Workflow.

    Enable Logging

    Enabling the Logging setting on the workflow will help you monitor the Actions of the workflow as it executes. When enabled, your Logs will show more granular details on each action. 

    You can enable Logging in the Settings tab of your workflow.

    Enable Failure Notifications

    Enabling this feature will send an email to the specified email address when the workflow fails. Failure can occur for multiple reasons and the Logs will give more details on each failure.  

    You can enable Notifications in the Settings tab of your workflow.

    Utilize the Time Saved Feature

    This feature allows you to set a Time Saved setting. This is a nice way to track how useful MESA is for you.

    Let's imagine a Google Sheets workflow saves me an average of 3 minutes each time the workflow runs. If my store receives 1,000 orders in a month, this workflow would save me 3,000 minutes. That's 50 hours of time saved that month!

    You can find the Time Saved feature in the Settings tab of your workflow.

    Enable the workflow

    The most important step to do is to save and enable the workflow. Let MESA do its job and make your life easier.

    At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

    Hit the toggle to switch it On when you are ready to start using the workflow.