• Connecting Slack with Mesa
  • Customize your Slack message with Tokens
  • Connecting Slack with Mesa

    When you're setting up your first workflow with Slack, you will need to create an application on Slack before you can enable your workflow. 

    This document provides directions on how to set this up. You will be able to select which Slack channel you'd like to post messages into as well.

    After you authorize the Slack App, you will want to paste the webhook URL into the Account Credentials field. 

    You can find the webhook URL by clicking on Basic Information > Add features and functionalityIncoming Webhooks on Slack.

    Customize your Slack message with Tokens

    Tokens can be understood as a placeholder that will be filled in at the time a workflow runs with actual data. You can click on the {+} button in the Message field to select Tokens. 

    Here is an example of how you could customize your Slack message:

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