• Connecting Airtable with Mesa
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  • Connecting Airtable with Mesa

    When you're setting up your first workflow with Airtable, you'll need to add your Airtable account API key so that Airtable is a connected app within Mesa.

    You can find the API key on your Airable account page. Paste the API key into the Airtable Step. Afterwards, your credential will be selected.


    Airtable Triggers and Actions both require a Base and Table to be configured. To find your Base ID, go to and click on your Base from the list. On the next page, your id will be listed in green with the label The ID of this base. Example: appmjNDDMZPyR1sur.  The Table will the be the label from your Airtable interface, for example: "Restaurants" or "City Districts".

    Once you have set up your Airtable Credential and added your Base and Table, we can automatically detect the fields in your Airtable Base and add them to Mesa.

    If no fields or tokens appear, or if fields are missing, make sure you have at least one record in your Airtable table with a value in each column.

    Unsupported field types

    Currently the following field types are unsupported in Mesa and will not be added to the Mesa interface:

    • Multiple Select
    • Links to other Tables if "Allow linking to multiple records" is enabled

    If you need support for either of these fields, reach out to support, and we'll see what we can do to help you.


    The Record Updated and Record Created Triggers run on a polling system. Mesa makes a request to Airtable every hour to look for created or updated records and triggers the necessary Workflows. During testing, Mesa will look for created and updated records every time the workflow is saved.


    See the configuration notes above for help setting up your Base, Table and Fields configuration. Some Actions also require a Record ID, which is returned from an Airtable Trigger or any Action, example: recQiY21WkgOyl1up.

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