Embed MESA Templates on your Site

This small snippet of JavaScript allows MESA templates to be displayed anywhere. Embedded MESA templates are great because they keep users on your site and are always up-to-date. Embedded MESA templates can go anywhere; on your blog, onboarding emails, FAQ's, or in your integrations page. You can specify a single template you'd like to embed or list all of an app's available templates.


Add this <script> tag right above your closing </body> tag, and then add div tags where you would like the template(s) to appear.
<script src="https://mymesa.site/widgets/widgets.js"></script>

Show a single template

To display a specific template use the  data-template attribute, whose value is the last part of the template's URL on getmesa.com. For example, use the code below to feature this template.
<div data-template="send-an-sms-message-if-a-shopper-abandons-their-checkout"></div>

Show all available templates

To display all templates from an app, you will need to use a div with the attribute data-app and the value should be the app's name.
There is also an optional attribute to define the number of templates shown, which is the attribute data-max-items.
Here is an example of how to use the Shopify app:
<div data-app="shopify" data-max-items="3"></div>