Find and replay a task for a specific order

In some cases, a workflow may fail while running through an order. If this occurs, it is recommended to replay the specific task that failed. You can see if the issue was a one time problem or a structural problem within the workflow.
If the error occurs again after replaying the task, more troubleshooting or adjusting the workflow may be necessary.  
Follow the steps below on how to find and replay a task for a specific order.
1. Starting from the Mesa dashboard, navigate to the My Workflows tab.
2. Select your workflow.
3. In the workflow, click on the Activity tab.

4. Find the Fail task in the list and click on it.

5. In the Hierarchy section, click on the top-most (parent) task.

6. Click on View Payload.

7. Click into the editor, hit the keyboard shortcuts ⌘ Cmd + F or Ctrl + F, and search for order_number. Check that the order number matches the order.

8. Hit the gray X at the top right of the editor.

9. Under Actions, click Replay Task.

10. Click on the green Replay Task button at the top right corner.

11. Navigate to the Activity tab and check to see how the task(s) ran.