Add a placeholder image when products are created

🔧 Simple setup is needed:
➕ Add your image URL
✅ Save and enable your workflow to start automating!

This workflow will add a placeholder image when products are created. This is especially useful if you are adding many products to your store automatically from a third-party service.

Let’s get started 🚀

Follow the steps below to set up this workflow.

1. You will see that the workflow begins when a Shopify Product is created with a  Shopify Product Created trigger.

2. The Filter step ensures that this workflow will only run when a product is created without an associated product image. You will want to leave the field below "Equals" blank. 

3. At the Shopify Update Product step, scroll to the Images section and click Add Set. Update the SRC field of the product with your desired image URL

Nice! Now whenever a product is created, MESA will update this product with this image. 

4. At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

5. Hit the Enable button when you are ready to start using the workflow.

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