Send an SMS message to your customer when their order is delivered

🔧 Setup is needed:
🔌 Connect with Twilio
✏️ Configure your Twilio SMS message
✅  Save and enable your workflow to start automating!

This template will send an SMS message via Twilio when a Tracktor fulfillment status is set to delivered.

Let’s get started 🚀

Follow the steps below on how to set up this workflow.

1. In the Twilio Send SMS step, you'll need to add your Key and Secret so that Twilio is a connected app within MESA.

You can click here to locate your Account SID and Auth Token. Within the Twilio Settings, click on the Keys & Credentials: API keys & tokens section. 

In the Live Credentials section: 

  • Copy the Account SID and paste that as the Key within MESA.
  • Copy the Auth Token and paste that as the Secret within MESA.

2. Afterwards, click on the Add Credential button.

3. In the  Step Configuration section, fill in the From phone number (with the number provided by your Twilio account). You can customize the Message field with MESA's Tokens feature to make the message more personalized. 

4. At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

5. Hit the Enable button when you are ready to start using the workflow.

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