Example Automation Build: Send Twilio Text When Tracktor Package is Delivered

Mesa allows for many different Automations. In this scenario, we'll be showcasing how to build an Automation to send a text with Twilio when a Tracktor package is delivered. 

Step-by-step and detailed instructions:

  1. From the Dashboard tab and from the Create your own workflow quick start, trigger this automation for when a Tracktor order's Fulfillment's status changes to Delivered:
  2. Finish the automation creation stage with a Twilio SMS text Send and click Make My Automation.
  3. Set up a Twilio Credential if you have not already. To do so, follow the instructions in the Automation.
  4. Now we have an Automation that would send a text message when a package is delivered.  The issue is that Mesa does not know what number to send this message to.  This is because the Tracktor status change Trigger does not possess a customer phone number.  No worries though, Mesa can retrieve this information using Shopify APIs. 

    You will want to retrieve the Shopify's order data.  Click the + symbol under the Tracktor Fulfillment Delivered Trigger
  5. Then select on the Shopify Connection's Order Retrieve Action:
  6. Next, tell the Shopify Retrieve Order step to retrieve the order that triggered this automation using the Order Id Token {{tracktor_fulfillment.order_id}}:
  7. Now we need to retrieve the customer data associated with this order.  The customer data has the phone number we are after. To do this, click on the + icon again (after the Shopify Order Retrieve step) and select on the Shopify Connection's Customer Retrieve Action. Don't forget to add the Customer Id Token {{shopify_order.customer.id}}

  8. Now we have all the data inside this Automation that we need.  For this automation, we will use the customer's default address phone number {{shopify_customer.default_address.phone}}.
  9. Fill in the From phone number and Message fields. You can customize the Message with Tokens to make the message more personalized. 
  10. Enable this Automation and Save your changes! 🎉
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