Importing & Exporting Automations

You can import and export automations between multiple Shopify stores that have Mesa installed. 


To export an automation, go into the Automation tab and find the automation that you would like to export. There are two ways to export Automations:

1. Click on the  ... icon (on the right hand side) and click on Export. Mesa will download a Zip folder onto your desktop.

2. You can click on the  More Actions button under the Automation Details sidebar. Then, you can click on Export. Mesa will download a Zip folder onto your desktop.


Note: Credentials are not exported since in most cases, Credentials are unique to each Shopify store. You will need to select a Credential once an Automation has been imported into a different store. 

To import an automation, you will need the Zip folder on your desktop. Then, head to the Automations tab. Click on the Import Icon next to My Automations.

Drag the Zip folder into the dotted box or select the Mesa Export Zip folder. 

Then, click to install the Automation! 🎉