Add a listing on Etsy when a new product is created in Shopify

This template will: 

  • Create a listing in Etsy when a Shopify product is created.

๐Ÿ”ง  Setup is needed:
๐Ÿ”Œ  Connect with Etsy
โœ…  Save and enable your workflow

Follow the steps below to set up this workflow.

Step 1

Create an Etsy credential to connect MESA with Etsy or select a previously created credential. 

Click on  Authenticate with Etsy to start the process.

Step 2

On the next screen, click on  Allow Access on the prompt from Etsy. 

Step 3

Locate your Etsy  Shipping Template ID. 

Navigate to your Etsy shop's dashboard and locate Settings.

Step 4

Once you find your preferred Shipping profile, click on the number in the Active listings column.

Step 5

Copy the numeric part of your browser's URL. The numbers are your Shipping Template ID. Ex: 131048947813

Step 6

Paste the copied value into your workflow's Etsy Create Listing Action's  Shipping Template ID field.

Step 7

Set up the required fields within the Etsy Create Listing action step configuration:

  • Shipping Template ID
  • Taxonomy ID
  • Who Made
  • Supply
  • When Made

Step 8

At the top of or below the workflow, click the Save button to save your changes.

Step 9

Click the toggle to switch the workflow  On when you are ready to start automating.

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