Tag orders with delivery status

✅  No setup is needed
✅  This workflow is enabled
When a Tracktor order's status changes, this workflow begins! 🎉

This workflow instantly tags orders in transit with the delivery status when the fulfillment status changes.

Note: This workflow will not remove past Tracktor delivery status tags but will keep adding the latest statuses as tags.

Here's how it works 💡

This is the trigger step in this workflow. This is what starts the automation:

This is the action step in this automation:

Within the action step, MESA will automatically add the existing credentials of the Shopify store you're working from. Add New Credential if you would like this to be different.

Below the Shopify Credentials, the App Configuration section identifies how the order will be updated. In this workflow, the Shopify Order ID will be retrieved as indicated by the token from the previous step. Shopify Retrieve Order ID is the token used here. 

If changes to the fulfillment status are detected, the delivery status tag will be updated accordingly. This is identified by the Shopify Retrieve Order Tags and Tracktor Order Any Update Fulfillments Latest Status Label tokens.

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