Send an SMS message to your customer when their order is delivered

✅ No setup is needed
When a Shopify Order using Tracktor is delivered, this workflow begins! 🎉

This template will send an SMS message to the customer automatically when their Tracktor order is delivered. An SMS is sent only if the order contains the customer's phone number. 

🗒️ Note: This template uses the Premium app, SMS by MESA. When a workflow runs with a Premium app, the automation run is doubled and counted as 2 automation runs. Learn more.

Let's start automating! ðŸš€

1. Click the Enable button to start using this workflow 🎉

2. ðŸ•¶ï¸ Sit back and enjoy the benefits of automation. 

Optional Customization

In the SMS Message Send step, you can edit the Message field to edit the SMS Message. You may use MESA's Tokens feature to add additional information. By default, the SMS will contain some information that the order has arrived and an important reminder. 

Send a text message to your phone number

You can send a text message to your phone number by adjusting the example payload while running a test.

Click the Test button at the top of the workflow.

A Test workflow menu will appear on the right-hand side. Click the Use example data link.

Locate the order_phone's NULL value and click the pencil and paper icon to edit this value.

Update the NULL value to your phone number including your country code (i.e. 18887353133). Click the green checkmark icon to save your changes. 

Click the Start Test button at the bottom of the menu to begin testing the workflow.

After the test run completes, you will receive a text message to your phone number.

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