Cancel high-risk orders

✅  No setup is needed
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When a Shopify Order is created, this template goes to work! 🎉

This workflow will notify the customer that their order has been canceled and send an email notification to the store owner about the risky transaction. Automatically canceling risky orders will help save your team time and effort.

Optional Customizations

By default, this workflow will cancel orders which Shopify recommends "for cancelation." If you would prefer to also cancel orders which are recommended "for investigation," you can alter the second condition on the Filter step to use the value "investigate" instead of "cancel."

You may change the recipient(s) of the email by expanding the email step and specifying different recipients. Use commas if you are selecting multiple recipients.

You may also customize the content of the email (Subject and Message fields). Tokens from the Shopify Order Created step can be used here. 

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