Add a tag to orders containing product options with a date field

🔧 Simple setup is needed:
➕ Select your Infinite Options' Label on Cart
✅ Save and enable your workflow to start automating!

This template will add a tag to orders containing Infinite Options product options that include a date field, helping you organize your orders with dates.

Let's get started 🚀

Follow the steps below on how to install this workflow.

1. In the Infinite Options Order Created trigger, select the Label on Cart field to trigger the workflow. 

By default, the template uses the Label on Cart field "Date." Click on the x icon next to the default value to select a different Label on Cart. Leave the field empty if you wish for any order containing Infinite Options to trigger the workflow.

2. At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

3. Hit the Enable button when you are ready to start using the workflow.

Your workflow is now ready to use! Going forward, your orders which have data for the Infinite Options field selected in step 1 will be tagged with that value.

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