Send Orders To Google Sheets

A simple setup is required before this template will work.

This workflow goes over the Send Orders To Google Sheets template that is available in MESA. It will send each Shopify order and add the order details to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. 

Let’s get started 🚀

Follow the steps below to set up this workflow.

1. Locate the Google Sheets Add Row Step. Select an existing Credential or click on the Add New Credential button if you have not created a Google Sheets Credential. 

2. View this Google Sheets spreadsheet and click Make a Copy. Feel free to rename it to your preferred title. 

3. Go back to your workflow and locate the Spreadsheet field. Click on it and click on your copied Spreadsheet

Optional: If you wanted to add more fields to your Google Sheets spreadsheet, follow these directions

4. Next, click on the Retrieve Spreadsheet Columns button.

5. Save and enable your workflow! Don't forget to follow some of the best practices with your new workflow.