Forms: Add Form to your Customer Order Page

Mesa allows you to create Forms that can be hosted within your Shopify store to collect customer data. 

Here is how you can add a Form onto your Customer Order Page. In this example, we are using a Return Form from our Mesa Return Form Tutorial.



1. Set up your Mesa Form

This step is used when you want to create a form for your customers to submit. The Success Redirect URL field will allow you to redirect customers to a specific link, or to embedded pages on your Shopify store.

You can build a form from scratch, or copy the HTML code from our Form Builder, modify it, and use it on any page on the web. More details can be found on Mesa Forms here: Details

2. Once your form is set up, click the  Get Code tab and click the Copy all code button on the bottom left.

3. Then, Underneath your Sales Channels in the left column, click  Online Store, select your Current Theme, then click Edit Code in the Actions drop-down menu.

Under  Templates click customers/order.liquid and paste your Form code anywhere you’d like it to appear on the page.

4.  Once the code has been added, you can hit save on the upper right hand corner.  Finally, here is how the Form will appear to your Customers:

Woohoo! You're all set! 🎉