Notify Customer Support for New Loop Returns

Setup is required before this template will work. Follow the steps below.

Loop Returns makes it easy by allowing customers to return their items and request exchanges all in one platform. By syncing MESA and Loop Returns together, it will be easier to track and manage your customer returns. 

Let’s get started πŸš€

Follow the steps below to get this set up for your store.

1. In the MESA dashboard, click Create New Workflow.

2. Add Notify Customer Support for New Loop Returns in the Name field.

3. Click Continue.

4. On the first step, search and select the Loop Returns app in the Apps' menu.

5. Click Start on Return Created or Updated.

Please note that when starting a workflow with a Loop Returns Trigger, Mesa will require you to create a Webhook before the workflow works successfully.

For more detailed information on creating a Webhook, please check out the following page: Click Here.

6. On the second step, search and select Email by MESA in the Apps' menu.

7. Finally, you can add your customer support email that you would like to be notified of when returns are made. This step can be customized with the message of your choice.

On the Message field, click the Tokens {+} menu to add the tokens from the Loop Returns step.

8. At the top of the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

9. Hit the Enable button when you are ready to start using the workflow. Now, you're all set! πŸŽ‰

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