Example Automation Build: Create a New Google Sheet for Every Large Order

This workflow will create a new Google Sheet for every order that is placed that contains more than 15 line items. Each product in the order will occupy its own row in the new Google Sheet. This is a useful way of viewing large orders in a spreadsheet view rather than within the Shopify Admin.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. From the Dashboard tab and from the Create your own workflow quick start, trigger this workflow for when a Shopify Order is Created:
  2. Finish the workflow creation stage with a Filter and click Make My Automation
  3.  In the Filter step, paste in the value {{shopify_order.line_items.size}} into field A.  Then enter in your line item threshold number into field B. For this example, we want to filter based on orders that are 15 line items or larger.
  4. Nice! Now Mesa will only proceed with this automation for orders that have more than 15 line items. Now we want to tell Mesa to create a Google Sheet. To do so, let's add a Google Sheet Create Step.  Click the + symbol.
  5. Then let's find the Google Sheet App and click on Sheet Write:
  6. Let's make sure we have a Credential created so that Mesa can connect with your Google Sheets account:
  7. Tell Mesa which Spreadsheet we want Mesa to create a sheet on. For us, we connecting this automation to a spread sheet called "Large Order Sheets".
  8. Next, tell Mesa to add the line item data onto each row.  To do so, click the {+} button in the Spreadsheet rows field:
  9. Then select Line Items, under Shopify Order Created.
  10. Lastly, we select Yes in the Append new sheet field. 
    Niecly done!  Now your automation looks like this:

    Enable this Automation and save!   *HIGH FIVE*